Michelle Sepulveda

Location: San Antonio
(210) 634-1204
San Antonio

Michelle describes herself as caring, consistent and optimistic.

She is originally from Florida where most of her family still lives except her brother’s family who lives in Laredo, Texas. She misses her family dearly.

Michelle is currently working towards her MBA so most of her free time is spent studying. She enjoys watching baseball with her boyfriend because it makes him happy. When not studying, she also enjoys spending time with her dog at the park – she has had the same little Chihuahua since he was a puppy.

When she was a child, Michelle wanted to be a painter/artist.

She doesn’t really have a favorite quote but lives by the motto “Do the right thing”.

“N Title is a very special place to work because of my teammates. Someone is always willing to lend a hand and help out. I feel absolutely supported and any concern that I have is immediately addressed. I feel like I matter and that I truly make a difference in the overall success of the organization. I would not change it for the world. I work with a truly special group of women!”